Magazine / IFAK Pouches

Spec.-Ops. pioneered the gear management system in order to help troops minimize clutter and redundant effort to maximize task efficiency. Our line of military magazine pouches include several different pouches which durably and securely store magazines, grenades, logistic items, water bottles (Camelbak, Nalgene, Swiss Army) and IFAKs (improved first aid kits). Spec.-Ops. tactical pouches come in all the favorite colors and now two new colors MultiCam, and Digital Desert Camo. Tactical pouches range from the X-System magazine/cargo/utility pouch which comes in three models that are equipped to hold two, four, or six M-16 30 round magazines. With so many different, versatile and durable magazine pouches to choose from one is sure to fulfill your need.

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7.62 Mag Pouch $25.00
Double Mag Utility Pouch $30.00
Frontal Assault Pouch $25.00
General Purpose Pouch $33.00
Light Sheath Deluxe $25.00
Medical Pouch Lg $35.00
Medical Pouch Med $30.00
Multi-Light Sheath $30.00
Multi-Light Sheath, Olive Drab

Regular Price: $30.00

Special Price: $5.95

Op-Order Pouch $45.00
Radio Pouch

Regular Price: $38.00

Special Price: $14.95

Ready-Fire MODE, AR-10 $30.00
Items 1 to 12 of 21 total per page
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