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Spec.-Ops.® Brand started the bungee rifle sling revolution and has defined the performance standard for tactical rifle slings since the year 2000. Thousands of US troops use Mamba weapon slings, making us the leading supplier of after-market bungee slings to the US military. Why do so many servicemen and women choose our gun slings? Because Spec.-Ops. Brand approaches single-point, two-point and three-point gun sling design with a solid understanding of how the tactical rifle sling will be used based on customer feedback and extensive field testing. For example, the Sling 101, the strongest most adaptable tactical gun sling on the market was created in response to a need presented to us by the 101st Airborne. The Wolf Hook named after Sgt. Wolf, was created to allow the wearer to keep their weapon in a near-ready position while performing two-handed task. Whether you are in the military or law-enforcement, Spec-Ops line of tactical shotgun, M4 & M16 rifle slings is exactly what you need, dependable and duty tough.

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B 17 Sling $25.00
Mamba, M-16 $42.00
Mamba, M-4 $42.00

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Padded Patrol Sling $30.00
Patrol Sling $30.00
Single Point Mamba $60.00
Sling 101 CQB $40.00
Sling 101 M16 $32.00
Sling 101 M4 $32.00
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