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Tactical Gear

Spec.-Ops.® Brand has redefined the standards for tactical gear for America’s homeland defenders. On the battlefield, our men and women in uniform make split-second decisions, requiring military gear they can depend on every time. At Spec.-Ops.® Brand, our tactical gear and ops gear is designed and tested for guaranteed performance in the field. From point patrol sling kits to grenade pouches to disaster preparedness kits, our military ops gear ensures top performance in all conditions. One of our most popular lines of tactical gear, our Accu-Pack Buttstock Pouch, includes models for bolt guns and AR15s which provide superior accuracy, perfect sight alignment, ammo storage, easy installation, and a positive cheek weld. Regardless of the situation, in training or on the battlefield, our military gear is trusted to perform. At Spec.-Ops.® Brand, we are firm believers in quality. This is why all of the tactical gear that we provide to our homeland defenders is made in the USA. Not only are you guaranteed quality with Spec.-Ops.® Brand military ops gear, you are guaranteed quality for life.

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20 Round AR Mag Pouch

Regular Price: $25.00

Special Price: $7.95

7.62 Mag Pouch $25.00
7.62 Mag Pouch-MC

Regular Price: $25.00

Special Price: $12.50

Accu-Pack, Bolt Gun $54.00
Accu-Pack, M-16 $54.00
Accu-Pack, M-4 $54.00
Accu-Pack, Shotgun $54.00
All Purpose Bag $45.00
All-Terrain Beer & Beverage $15.00
AR-Hunter 4 Mag Pouch

Regular Price: $26.00

Special Price: $7.95

AR15 Hunter’s 2 Mag Pouch

Regular Price: $21.00

Special Price: $5.95

Items 1 to 12 of 119 total per page
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