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Extreme weather shipping delay bulletin:

9/10/2017-We are back up and running at full capacity!  While this is great news for us and you, there are still plenty of people suffering in the greater South Texas region. We encourage you to donate to a charity that can get something done! Thank you again for your patience during this ordeal. Please say a prayer for those left in the wake of Harvey and for those now facing the wrath of hurricane Irma.Thank you again for being a loyal Spec. -Ops. Brand customer and God Bless America!

9/6/2017-Our warehouse is fully operational and orders are being processed. Thank you for your patience and support during this devastating event.

8/31/2017-While the rains cease and waters begin to recede our shipping staff is still unable to reach the facility. Additionally, the operational shipping infrastructure in the greater Houston area has been re-tasked in support of rescue and humanitarian efforts. We ask for your continued support and prayers for our fellow Texans as they sort out the aftermath of this incredible event. Thank you again for your support.

8/28/2017-Hurricane Harvey has dealt a severe blow to the greater Houston area. While our warehouse was spared the worst and is operational, we still anticipate shipping delays as most of the local infrastructure is temporarily shut down. Please bear with us. We will resume normal shipping as soon as possible. We ask that you say a prayer for the people in this region as they have been severely impacted - some have lost everything! Thank you for your patience and support regarding this matter.

President & CEO

Jeff Wemmer