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  • Searching for the Best Tactical Gear, Beware of Imitations!

    Over 20 years ago I got my start in this industry with an obscure little company out here in West Texas by the name of CamelBak. When I came on board they were barely making it and we had quite a struggle getting that crazy concept of “tube delivered” hydration to be accepted. By the time I left CamelBak and went out on my own, there were no less than 30 competitors in the marketplace. However, we still maintained the largest segment of the marketplace. In short, we were often copied but never equaled. I had a great 11 year career with CamelBak and learned the fundamentals that allowed the start-up of SPEC.-OPS. back in the spring of Y2K.

    So, here we are today, I’m now the, founder, owner and chief designer here at SPEC.-OPS. and have been since day one! And guess what, history has repeated it’s self once again. Sure, we have a ton of competitors, most of which are honorable and worthy competitors. I’d like to give a special shout out to my bros at Tactical Tailor and SOE. They too are still 100% American made, privately owned and like SPEC.-OPS. were around before 911 making some of the best tactical gear in the world. There ain’t many of us left!

    Ok, back to the point of this discussion: While searching for the best tactical gear beware of imitations! It’s no surprise that there are a bunch of companies out there that shamelessly knock-off other folks stuff. Happens all of the time. But, sometimes it verges on the insane to flat-out unethical & illegal. Which is the case with the Better BDU Belt pictured here. Not only did these guys do a poor job copying our belt design, they went as far as to actually copy our trademark protected logo and label. It’s actually pretty funny if you sit back and take it for what it really is. But there is a darker side to this story. Some unwitting folks get screwed out of their hard-earned money. And, this inferior counterfeit pales in comparison to the real McCoy! This example is at best a lame attempt to imitate some of the best tactical gear in the market today. It’s times like these that I like to make product-to-product comparisons. Aside from the bogus labels, this “knock-off” belt is made from run of the mill import junk as compared to our “Better BDU Belt” with it’s exclusive & patented Battle Buckles™ hardware and unique “HD” webbing, which by the way is custom knitted to provide maximum comfort, yet has the highest stiffness to weight ratio on the market.

    So, loyal SPEC.-OPS. customers, take a good look at this and beware of cheap imitations. Look closely at the label before you buy and especially when these scoundrels desecrate the American flag!

    Thanks again for your loyal support over the years and God Bless America!

    Watch your “6”,

    Jeff Wemmer

    President, CEO & Founder




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